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    US Medicare Part D verses Buying Meds in Puerto Peñasco

    I’m shifting from an employer based health plan to a Medicare supplement program that will allow me to keep my current healthcare providers in Southern California with network access to services in Arizona. The unknown I’m dealing with is Medicare part D prescription drug plans. The essential...
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    See if Maryann will take you. [email protected]
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    I know a lot of physics (a whole lot) but I’d want to look at the property or at least some good photos to opine. I’ve done some marine and coastal work on the side. “Breakwaters“ commonly result in a scalloped pattern on a beach with sand building up on one side and being depleted on the...
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    I earlier said I’m not a structural engineer. But I am a physical scientist with a few hundred publications. The water from those melting glaciers is going somewhere. Don’t buy any fancy globes, a lot of coastlines are going to change. Having said that, I looked at a number of properties in...
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    Bodies Found

    Here is just released homicide data on the 50 “most dangerous“ metropolitan areas in Mexico. Many of these are coastal tourist destinations. The mass...
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    I’m not a structural engineer, but that looks more like a facade (or a farce) than something I would rely on for an extreme event.
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    Bodies Found

    42+ is a lot of missing people. I’ve never heard of any missing gringos. Maybe some could be migrants, but even 3 or 4 missing locals should have made the news. Obviously this group was out looking for missing family members, so they knew something I didn’t.
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    I would report my passport lost immediately. Don’t surprise them and they will be more sympathetic.
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    Moving to Rocky Point

    You might want to look at some of the ex-pat communities immediately north of San Felipe in Baja on the other side of the sea of Cortez. Maybe a couple of the Camps to the south as well. Some of these are based on trailers that have been added to and property transfers sometimes happen with...
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    No repercussion

    What part of Rocky Point is this?
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    Appliance Delivery to Rocky Point

    Does anyone have an email address for them? How is their English?
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    Appliance Delivery to Rocky Point

    Their website does not list appliances. I found one google review saying they carry some appliances.
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    Appliance Delivery to Rocky Point

    This topic probably comes up every few years, but I didn’t see a clear answer to my question in one 2016 thread. Does anyone know of Home Depot would deliver a complete set of appliances to a new house in Rocky Point? I’m sure I can buy them in Nogales for example, but can I buy them and have...
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    Stupid driving on dirt road to Cholla Bay

    Around noon this past Saturday we were driving into Cholla Bay. As we went around the big sweeping curve a Honda driven at excessive speed drifted around the curve in the opposite direction, its rear end well off the line of travel. I gave him the finger. 10 minutes later on the same curve...
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    Mexico Health Insurance for US ex-pats

    We will be living in Puerto Peñasco about 6 months of the year. We will have have at least minimal and probably very good US health coverage. But we are interested in exploring the system in Mexico. Does anyone on the forum have insurance in the Mexican system? Can anyone recommend an...