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    We are heading down for our annual post tax day relaxation. Should cross the border on the 27. How have things been at the border lately? We were down for Thanksgiving as usual and all was great. Love that Mannys is up and running again.
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    Margarita recipe argument thread

    A trip to RP and a bucket of margs coming in april. We make ours with 3 parts silver tequila 1 part triple sec or gran marnier and 4 parts sweet and sour. Either a lemon or a lime based sweet and sour is just fine. We use a silver tequila because the full tequila flavor comes through. Shaken...
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    Safe in Puerto Penasco?

    Info to the Howell' coming to RP for the first time. Check the tide charts and plan on cruising the tide pools that will be in front of you at low tide. That is one of the things we have been doing for many years. Be sure to wear water capable shoes the rocks and shells are sharp. There is an...
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    Cheap Beer

    Where is Bryans ? We usually hangout at the oldport and stay at San Rafael RV park.
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    New Border Stuff At Lukeville

    Any news on a checkpoint outside of sonoyta going to PP. A friend was stopped and had his truck/camper heavily searched. Nothing was taken, but was surprised by the depth of inspection.