El Homeport(the fish rots from the head)Penasco Digital report


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It will be one of two things in the end.

As I posted on a facebook page (I know some of you won't use facebook, purest or whatever) we were told many years ago that the coastal highway to El Golfo would be done (insert whatever year here) we waited and waited for it and it was like it was never gonna happen. Guess what? It is done and it is incredible. It took longer than we thought it should because you know we all know how things are supposed to work.......because we are all so smart and successful.

So this thing may indeed get finished and may have some ships departing from Peñasco and returning with tons of happy customers or it may not and it will just be an incredible fish ecosystem. Either way....so what? Nobody (that I know of) on this forum has any skin in this game. So if some scoundrel is successful in gaming someone out of dollars on this deal, just be glad it isn't you. If I was to bet, I would bet that a port will be completed and ships will sail from and to it, how it looks in reality is anyone's guess. In the mean time I guess it is great fodder for armchair warriors to talk about the Mexican system of things as if they have any knowledge of it at all.

I will just open a cold beer and not worry about something that does not involve me even though I live here.


Stewart I picture that rust buckets stuck at low tide pumping out low grade fuel smoke into Esmeralda windows...


Aye carumba!!!
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Nice take, Russ. No issues with that. You know I fish. I would have been the first idiot in line waving Benjamins if they had ever completed the new marina.

Feces occurs. Doesn't mean I don't love the place, because you know I do.

Cruises? Meh. I spent enough time cruising on big ships with flat tops that could wipe out entire geographical regions for months on end with 5000 other swinging dicks on board.

Doesn't mean I think it's bad for Penasco. My frustration comes more with the Viva La Mexico way of getting any of these projects up and running. Private investment MIGHT make it happen, but the track record so far? Not good.

Buy more vans and hire more locals to run everybody around. Be a capitalist. There will be a need. When? Just like I was told when I went to Cabo for the first time in the 90's and asked "When will this hiway from the airport to Cabo be finished?

The van driver looked at me, deadpan, and said "June. It will be finished in June. We just don't know what year."

True story. Wife and I will be in Mazatlan for a week at the end of the month. Our 20th anniversary. Wouldn'T wanna be anywhere else.

Viva La Mexico!


More of a environment first guy myself Russ...more people will not make the going to shit Sea of Cortez healthier ....4 that's my reason to talk shit about it...I also raise your El Golfo example with the failed southern route along the Sonoran coast and my fav. the cool/stupid idea past...The Nautical Ladder!


I have to take a 9 (at least) hour flight for $1-2k, then pay for a cruise?
Major port,great airport,on airline routes,bus routes from population centers and near the places the cruisers would want to see. Remember , the Homeport is aimed at the homeboys...not you...
Yeah, I guess I forgot that this was supposed to be Mexico's "Homeport," not just a regular port. That is insane to think they could just become more relevant and useful than Manzanillo, even as it currently is, from scratch.


Ok ..,you guys aren't getting the big picture. The Homeport was supposed to be the only one in Mexico.Someone lost his juice that was pushing this scam and now Zilo joins Acapulco https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/articles/18341-mexico-acapulco-calls-and-homeporting.html
You can fly round trip from Mxico City to Zilo for 260 bucks.Leaving from their gives you a way better itinerary than from our condo blighted rathole.You can come frame Europe and fly direct to both cities.




But you guys are not the main customers....Mexican middle class is.....guess what? They don't live anywhere near here...
Can't imagine that many people would want to go to Acapulco: https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/5595862/how-acapulco-once-mexicos-top-tourist-resort-was-ruined-by-crime/

"An investigation by Sky News reports that 30,000 people were murdered there last year – the highest number in 20 years - around 82 people dying per day.

Bodies are often found dumped on the beaches.

The situation is so bad that the American government has issued a warning not to visit."
Published Feb 2018
Those numbers are totally wrong, almost 30,000 people were killed in all of Mexico, you need to wade through all the inaccurate Headline grabbing articles.

Per CNN article: "In Guerrero -- the state where Acapulco is located -- murders rose to 2,316 last year, about the same as 2016, but up from 1,514 in 2014.
In Sinaloa, the former turf of notorious, imprisoned drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, homicides in 2017 soared 39% over last year to 1,332."

Not denying Mexico has a big problem with Cartels, killings, being brutal and how authorities leave bodies on display for awhile,
The USA had over 17,000 murders in 2016, So we have some issues too.
Choice of going to Chicago or Mexico, Mexico will usually win in my book.


Our current truce could break at anytime......tourists will still come until they end up washed up on the beach not the guy they buy coke from....