Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???


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I have heard a rumor that a radio station made reference to Daniel Butterfield and a large sum of money being confiscated at the border ? Any truth? What are the local radio stations? I had heard Daniel say say he bought a radio station. How many stations are in RP? Looking for facts
Ha ha.... If true I would bet he was going South!
From what I hear he goes through the money he steals from investors like water, and he has NO money!! Because he can't do business as usual right now he is in need of money. He talks big and grandiose but that is the drugs talking. He is doing what he does best- con anyone who will listen to him and believe what he says. If he said he has a radio station it probable is a delusion from a drug induced binge! You are right Queen of Kings - he probably bought or turned on a radio.
Have scoured the internet and the Lukeville Border and Customs report. Can find nothing referencing an individual being stopped with a million dollars, in the last month. Would have to hang,”rumor” on this tid bit .


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The odds are that DB traded for air time with the radio station. A low ratings station cannot sell all the time intervals possible so will often trade. Often they trade for stuff they can use in promotional give aways. "Listen to KAKA 99 to win a two night vacation in a luxury condo in beautiful Puerto Penasco" . High rated stations who can sell their time do not usually do this.


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I am sort of amazed that with the amount of people he has in essence ripped off, along with travels to Mexico mouthing off to people in bars, that he remains in an upright position. I don't have a dog in this fight but if I did...
Not sure there isn't some method in his madness.
Sad day for the DB “hold outs” who believed he would pay the interest today , as he personally promised to several investors.
DB sends his regrets for another disappointment on his part. He was busy having a “ snorting good time” with his best buds.
DB and his lawyer sent out a “ communication” yesterday. Trying to paint the current situation a result of the AZCC’s CND. It reads something like , “ give me a second chance and I will promise to be good. “....
Just my experience that,”the leopard’s spots do not change”.
4th of July weekend is almost here. I was wondering if anyone was going down for the weekend.
Could you possibly take your binoculars and scope out Esmeralda?
How are things going? If anything.
Also , if anyone should have the luck of running into DB . Do not know if he is allowed to cross the border until he gets his “traffic/possession dust up” resolved.
How is the water situation in RP?
How warm has it been ?
Nothing going on at Esmeralda. I don't think they even have security at the gate. The caught at the border with the million bucks was the Mexican you won't find that on the Lukeville border report. It was on the local radio in Penasco. Weather has been perfect. Survived Tropical Storm Bud with a few sprinkes and strong winds. Should be seeing the first 90 degree weather starting next week.
Wow, Seahorse! We all wrote off the “rumor of a million bucks getting across the border”as just that,”rumor mill stuff” and didn’t want to get caught up in that mess. Is there any way to get “the facts” or can we go to the radio station to get a transcript ? Does anyone remember what station ?
Sad that things at Esmeralda are in the “ all’s quiet” mode.
Shocked you are just now going to 90 degrees. As a kid, I just remember it being so dang hot in summer and nary a Bush for shade.
Things have changed inRP.