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    Protests on the border?

    Hey guys, we are headed down for the weekend want to know if there are protesters blocking the road. Is there an up to date place to check the local conditions on social media?
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    Internet speed

    Is there a place in town that offers the dish internet?
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    Internet speed

    I know this topic has come up before but it was never resolved. We have Telmex at the house in Las Conchas. It is slow and sporadic...are there any other options available?
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    How are they this time of year? Do they "burn" off in the heat?
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    Rocky Point Crime: Are we there yet?

    Do you think that there will be an official story released by the local government? I love coming here and getting all the latest info but would be interested to know for sure what happened. The way the media portrayed the story, it appears these "citizens" were just vacationing...
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    Anyone know where to get SOL in town?

    Please let me know as we can find any...
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    Alert! Water shut off at Las Conchas!

    Any update on this? It's getting stinky!
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    Mosquitoes - Mirador or Las Conchas area?

    I would also like to know the current fly situation in LC. After reading the minutes from the board meeting in April, it appears that the dump is still an issue. Are we invaded by flies during the day and Mosquitos at night? If a resident could reply, it would be much appreciated.
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    Major Fly Infestation

    Does anyone know if the HOA or the town is doing anything about it? Is there anyone we can get involved?
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    Major Fly Infestation

    It was really bad in Las Conchas...can anyone get with the board and get the lime spreading going again...if that is the problem...
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    Coming down today

    We have a truckload of supplies and canned goods. Are they stopping more vehicles today than usual? If they stop me, will they just fine me if I'm bringing something like food that isn't allowed? Thanks for the help, Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Sonoran Sky Live Pool/Beach Camera this!
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    Builders in Penasco

    Thanks for the info guys. I'm looking to build on my lot in Las Conchas. I like the idea of high end but not sure if I have the cash to make that happen. Playa, what is your guys info? Is there a website or anything where I can get more info?
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    Builders in Penasco

    Does anyone know of a reputable Architect/builder that has recent work that can be examined? Is there a going rate per sq. ft? I would imagine that labor is pretty cheap right now...
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    Rocky Point Shrimp festival

    Where is there more info on the fetival? I would like to attend...