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    Looking for a Beach Front Rental....

    That's odd information... Darryl just emailed me today about houses he has for rent...
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    Boomer Fest 2013

    Can't wait to hear the official info about this event!! Thanks Rhino and Russ for providing updated info!
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    Laguna Shores

    funinhesun -- Just curious, where did you find this deal?
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    Rocky Point is Safe Blog

    Thank you for the info! You seem frequently to have the scoop.
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    New Public Beach "Mi Playa" is OPEN!

    My husband got out of our van yesterday at a stoplight in Phoenix and picked up the trash in the street that the person in front of us had just thrown out his car window. The light changed and I wagged my finger at that idiot as he drove away. Some litterbugs will never change no matter where...
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    Rocky Point is Safe Blog

    Yes, you are right, there is one posting in July 2012 about the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. Which by the way made me feel very safe about Rocky Point. :confused: :lol: The rest of the activity seems to be from July 2010. The page leader says: "Rotating Safety Facts: Puerto Penasco...
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    Rocky Point is Safe Blog

    Does anyone know who created or runs that website? It has only 3 or 4 postings, and seems to be not updated since 2010. From the website: Rocky Point is Safe (RPIS) mission is to educate people in the United States considering coming to Puerto Penasco about what is really going on in Rocky...
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    Mexican Cell Phone Question

    The under $20 AT&T GoPhone now has a 10 cent per minute plan for USA calls only, or they have a $2 per day plan for talk and text to US, Canada, Mexico, and 100 other countries, and they charge you only on the days you use the phone!
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    Looking to hire musicians for beach serenade

    I also thought that was just part of the Lighthouse. Good to know it is called Cava de Penasco and has good live music. We will have to check that out. And I agree Casa del Capitan has the best view. Also sometimes they do have excellent wandering Mariachi music. We had the "rehearsal dinner"...
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    August in Peñasco, are there any people there?

    Thank you so much for the link. It was extremely informative. I liked learning that it is because "The rate system has a number of elements designed to make power affordable to even poor families."
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    August in Peñasco, are there any people there?

    yes they did tell me the more you use the more you pay in mexico europe and all over but the US. they said the idea of the more you use the cheaper it is or "bulk discount" is a purely american idea
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    August in Peñasco, are there any people there?

    Do you mean stages that are area based or time of year based?
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    August in Peñasco, are there any people there?

    So true about the giant sliding glass doors, and the condo also is an end unit so it has little west facing glass brick windows. And there are two skylights. Great light, but adds heat.
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    August in Peñasco, are there any people there?

    Thanks for the explanation Russ, and thanks for conserving energy not just for your wallet but for our planet! I kind of wondered if something was amiss, like maybe his meter is off, since I heard they were just replaced. But then again, everyone hates paying high electricity and so he could be...
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    Cold Water ?

    Maybe you are both right: hot water = cold shower. Haha.