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    Netflix Connection?

    For whatever reason - I can receive Netflix on my iPad but when I try to access through Wii on tv it won't work. On iPad I do only receive the Mexican version of Netflix.
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    So just how safe is Mexico? A new website trys to sort it out!

    Still boils down to no tourists being targeted or hurt in rp outside of the regular accident or stupidity.
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    New Crossing Structure

    Last weekend I spoke to the customs official - he said they will be able to use it for out kind and as backup for busy inbound weekends as well adding additional lanes - I just hope they have the personnel to man it.
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    Weather Thursday 7/25/2013

    One of the scarier drives down today. Got caught in the haboob just south of Gina bend and then sheets of rain right after - border patrol station closed up. Huge winds blowing east to west with lots of lighting. It was hairy for a long while. Large amounts of rain thereafter. Felt like...
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    Big Wind Sale

    This wind sucks!
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    Taco Brisas

    Just went for the first time (mainly due to all the great reviews here) it was great - going to out it not rotation
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    Mexico shoots itself in both feet again

    Mexico is in the process of moving their legal system to mirror the US system. The current system is slow and bogged down because it relies mainly on written briefs going back and forth instead of actual court hearings where argument is presented and a decision can be rendered almost...
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    Cruise Ships

    That's exactly one of the benefits - last minute cheap cruise deals will finally be within reach of those of us in AZ without spending money to fly or drive all day to the port
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    Reggie's 8/12

    over the last couple of years, they seem to have less and less on the shelves - i was wondering how they were surviving on burritos and beer.
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    I need a good bill paying service for my water and electric in penasco

    Mar de Cortez - located in front of las Conchas in the plaza - ely is the owner - they are great - responsive and I highly recommend
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    Tune in to watch Pto. Penasco on TV!

    I've been inside Eddie Jones' house - it's spectaular.
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    Tune in to watch Pto. Penasco on TV!

    RPLarry, it's a half hour program with commercials - meaning it's 22 minutes of actual footage There is no such thing as a real reality show, they all are scripted in one way or another and then heavily edited - so they storyline they made was to create a nightmare of a wife. I think they did...
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    Tune in to watch Pto. Penasco on TV!

    LadyJeeper - you need to look at House Hunters International - not the regular one. There was some liberty with the way they described the market - for instance, they say "the region's competitive market" - they must be talking about the drug trade and not real estate. Also, they say "supply...
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    Cholla Bay 2025

    Can anywhere is Sonora really be considered tropical?